of Park Slope


Dear Friends:

We are in the process of preparing our annual Fundraising Journal/Calendar, which will be available for wide distribution before Rosh Hashanah.  As you know, the income from the ads, large and small, that are purchased by both businesses and individuals alike, are a vital source of revenue for the shul.  

After a very difficult year 5780, the yearf 5781 showed some promise. We have resumed regular daily and Shabbat services. We have hosted the Passover Seder and several Friday Night Community Dinners. We're back in business! We are looking forward and hoping that with Hashem's help, we will see some real activity and growth in 5782.

Nevertheless, our donations are down considerably, compared with what they were just a few years back.  We really need your help now!

We need your help **now** so that the shul can remain the beacon of light in Park Slope that it has been for over three decades. Hundreds of Jews – and many non-Jews as well – have passed through our doors, availing themselves of a welcoming atmosphere where they have joined with the daily minyanim, attended Shabbat and Holy Day services, taken Jewish studies courses, shared friendly Shabbat meals, enjoyed holiday parties and Passover Seders, remembered their departed loved ones with Kaddish, and felt the happiness and the pride of being part of our spiritual community, whose effects reach beyond the boundaries of Park Slope. 

Without the generosity of our congregants and friends near and far, this would simply not be possible, and we need you now more than ever!

As we move into the month of Elul in anticipation of the Days of Awe, there is no more appropriate time, or better way to prepare for the new year to come than by giving Tzedakah. Please make your own gifts, and  encourage friends, family, businesses, and colleagues to place ads in the Annual Fundraising Journal/Calendar. We look forward to the time when we will once again be able to provide events and services on a full scale and schedule.

Our Sages recognized the importance of the synagogue, calling it a “mikdash me’at” – a small Beis-Hamikdosh, a miniature Holy Temple. In the merit of your generous support of OUR  “mikdash me’at” may you merit to see, with your own eyes, the building of the Third Beis-Hamikdosh in Jerusalem, the coming of Moshiach and the end of all suffering and tribulations.

Best wishes,

Emery Leventhal

Emery Leventhal,