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Congregation B'nai Jacob is the ONLY synagogue in the neighborhood that has scheduled daily minyonim. We welcome all Jews from all denominations, from all synagogues or none, with or without experience in daily prayers, to join with us. The benefits of communal prayer are many, and joining with the daily minyan will bring many blessings to your life. It's o.k. if you're running late or if you have to leave early. You're invited, you're welcome, and you're appreciated!

​* On the first Friday of every secular month, there is a special community Shabbat event, and Mincha/Ma'ariv times may be different (earlier) on first Fridays.

Please note: These are the times when minyonim are SCHEDULED. Because we are a relatively small congregation, we do not always achieve a minyan, and quite frequently the minyan starts a bit after the scheduled time. It is an important goal of ours to involve more members of the community in our minyanim - whether or not they are members or congregants of Cong. B'nai Jacob.  

There is always a minyan on Shabbat and Yom Tov mornings, and Monday through Thursday Mincha at 2 p.m. (give or take a few minutes). 

If you need to say Kaddish, please email the shul at least  24 hours in advance so that we can make an outreach effort to ensure that you will have a minyan.

The email address is

​​​​​​​​Minyan Prayer schedule

   Monday - Friday
   Shacharit                      7:45 am

   Monday - Thursday
   Mincha                          2:00pm
   Maariv                           9:00pm

  •    Friday Mincha 15 minutes before         sunset, followed by Kabbalat              Shabbat    and Ma'ariv* In summer,    after Shavuos, Mincha is at 8 p.m.      on Fridays.           

   Shacharit                      9:30am          

   Mincha                         15 min before                                            sunset,                                                      Kabbalat                                                    Shabbat and                                              Maariv follow                                            Mincha.                        
   Shacharit                       8:45 am

   Mincha/Maariv              15 min before                                            sunset. 

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