Purim  2018!

"PURIM IN ISRAEL" - AT C.B.J. - 3/1/2018


to our sponsors for their generous financial underwriting of the event:

The Malek Family

The Tilem Family

The Fainkich Family

Jeff and Valarie Elkind

Andrea and Richie Goldstein

Arthur Steinberg, Esq.

Dr Steve Katz

and to everyone who worked putting the program together - and to everyone who came and enjoyed!

Congregation B'nai Jacob of Park Slope

An amazing community spirit reigned accompanied by live music, exciting entertainment, delicious food, and women, men, and children of all ages. The only shortcoming was that Moshiach didn't come so that we could be in Israel for real! With G-d's help, next year we will be!

Mrs. G.W. said "what joy this is!". Mrs. F.T. said that the Megillah reading accompanied by animated slideshow was "a lot of fun", Mr. L. G. said "the food was amazing (especially the kabobs!), Rachel W. said "I really liked seeing my zeydie (grandpa), and the rabbi is funny - but I don't like the soup." When her mother asked if she wanted to go home, she replied "No! I'm having too much fun!". 

PURIM 5778

From the evening megillah and French pizza station
To the morning tefillah we were filled with elation,
Shalach manot for friends, and money for the poor,
We were all stoked and ready to celebrate more!

We came by the scores to "El Al Gate 401"
To have Purim in Israel - it was going to be fun!
And we weren't disappointed. The party was great,
And we dank and we laughed and drank more as we ate.

 Was it Purim in Israel? Well, sort of-- almost -
'though our own CBJ was the actual host.
But we hope that Moshiach will soon be here
And we'll be in REAL Israel for Purim next year!

And we thank all our sponsors, who helped pay the bills,
And we thank everybody who came for the thrills,
And we thank all the people who contributed their labors,
To prepare and to decorate to make it great for their neighbors.

Purim's joy and abandon brought us closer together.
Now we're here for each other in all kinds of weather.
We look forward to Pesach - in just a short time -
If only Leshana **HAZEH** b'Yerushalayim*!