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Standard Kiddush Sponsorship is a minimum donation of

$150 for a regular Shabbos and $200 for "Beer & Cholent" Kiddush on the 2nd Shabbos of each month. If you wish to sponsor a Deluxe Kiddush please contact the shul office to discuss. Thank you. 

Sponsor a Kiddush - in honor of a special occasion, a loved one, or "just because". 

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Kiddush is "at home", but Sponsorships, dedications, and sentiments are still being accepted. 


Cong. B'nai Jacob

401 9th Street

Brooklyn, NY  11215      

The Shabbat morning Kiddush at CBJ is an important element of our Shabbat celebrations. In addition to providing us with well-earned treats after morning services, it affords us the opportunity to converse, to network, to greet newcomers, and catch up with old friends. The Kiddush sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to help the community, and to merit G-d's blessing, as we say in the "Yikum Purkan" prayers after the Torah reading every Shabbat.



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